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Hold the tenth wenbo in our province will review to improve the quality of culture to build characteristic brand

Date: 2015-09-03

A few days ago, the 10th China longjiang international cultural industry fair ended, volume of 151 million yuan. Hold wenbo in our province after ten years, every year there are new change, volume growth, enterprises increased year after year, year after year participation scale expands year by year, the product quality increase year by year, the exhibition level also rises year by year.
Standing committee of the provincial party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Xiaolian said, the dragon is Jiang Wen expo exhibitors to improve the quality of culture, building brand platform of excellence. Ten years to adhere to the internationalization, marketization, specialization, the exhibition products exhibition, highlight the regional new advantages, industrial session, innovative, integrated development, reveals the historical and cultural resources in heilongjiang province, north of the folk customs, magical folk folk craft, the show in heilongjiang province natural, historical and cultural customs of various projects. By wenbo conference exhibition, which is beneficial to promote the rapid development of longjiang culture industry, to strengthen the competitive power of heilongjiang province cultural industry, is advantageous to the heilongjiang more cultural products to go faster.
Ten years to build
Domestic and overseas clients to follow
The dragon Jiang Wen expo display size, exhibition level as the first of all, in the province have gathered and many culture from home and abroad with the work. Liaoning, shandong, zhejiang, fujian, yunnan, jiangxi provincial arts and crafts master of more than 20, masterpiece thousands pieces. Famous watercolor painter zhang, calligrapher HongTieJun, young painter Xu Xiaoli held at the sunshine hall individual fine painting and calligraphy, etc. Exhibitors internationalization degree, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, India, Thailand, Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan and other countries and regions group exhibition participant, accounts for more than 20% in the overall population of the exhibition.
Wenbo will head Liu Youchang said, wenbo will be ten years, supported by many exhibitors and follow. As wenbo will mature, culture and art master and entrepreneurs also got very good returns, so they will like wenbo. It is this platform, make more and more cultural enterprises will participate in the wenbo, wenbo will scale is increasingly growing.
From suzhou 23 flat since the first wenbo will bring home suzhou embroidery art came to Harbin, wenbo will development to impress him. He told reporters, "expanding the scale of the decade, wenbo, number of fast growth, to the scene to watch and buy customers more and more, my booth also since the childhood, the most important thing is that wenbo this platform to let more domestic and foreign audiences understand and love the state-level non-material cultural heritage embroidery art, also brought me a generous returns". A attended the three-time wenbo would Pakistan exhibitors tells a reporter, she do jewelry business, to the exhibition for the first time, because there are obstacles in an unfamiliar environment, language, some worry. After the exhibition, the organizing committee arranged the translation to her, products not only sell very well, order too many, the most important thing is that Pakistan play out in the influence of jewelry, enterprise scale is enlarged, it made her very happy.
Zhao Dexin think deputy secretary of provincial party committee propaganda department, with the rapid development of cultural industry in heilongjiang province in recent years, held this exhibition, the cultural industry in our province, there are at least three benefits: one is to help the cultural enterprises and all kinds of cultural products with market docking platform; 2 it is to help expand cultural enterprises and product communication, cooperation and promotion; The second is to hatch in heilongjiang province specialty culture brand, and constantly expand the foreign influence.